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10 Reasons For Not Falling in Love
Age Differences in Dating
Anger: Cleansing Squall or Hurricane?
Anger Management
Anticipating Change
Apology and Forgiveness
Asking for What you Want
Aspects of Love
Attitude: From Negative to Gratitude
Attitude Adjustment
Autonomy vs Dependency
Avoiding The Drama Triangle
Better Intimacy, Better Sex
The Challenges of Blended Families
The Colors of You
Comforting the Little Orphan Girl
Couples Can Cooperate for Success
The Courage to Hope
Coping with Critics
Creating Connections: Draw Them In
Creating Family Acceptance
Creating Unconditional Love
Creating Holiday Magic
Dating Guidelines for Single Parents
Dating: The Fine Art of “Squirrel Hunting”
Decisions After Forty: Reinventing the Rest of Your Life
Detox Your Life
Don't Panic
Do You Understand Emotional Intelligence
Drama, Trauma, and Time Travel
Emotional Hygiene
Emotions as Weather
Fair Fight Guidelines
Family Meetings
The Family of the Heart
Family Relationships
Family Violence Q&A
Four Steps to Success
The Freedom of Maturity
Friends in Need: Interventions for Domestic Violence
Friends With Benefits
From Friends to Lovers and Back
From Struggling to Solving
Gentle Persistence
Getting Along With Each Other
Getting Out of Your Way
Getting to Yes
Give Yourself a Gift
Giving Thanks
A Good Cry
Gratitude, Kindness and Happiness
Growing Up As An Adult
Guidelines for Being Understood by Your Partner
Guidelines for Finding and Using Therapy Wisely
Guidelines for Successful Dating
Handling Anxiety Effectively
Handling Rude Questions and Awkward Moments
Handling The Green-Eyed Monster
Handling Workplace Addiction
Healing Dysfunction - Thanking the Past
The Healing Power of Friendship
Honesty, Intimacy and Personal Space
How Not to Fight
How Not to Repeat Past Relationship Mistakes
How Sex Can Evolve in a Long Relationship
How to Avoid Financial Infidelity
How to Avoid Loving a Jerk
How to Be a Positive Person
How to be Irresistible to Your Mate
How to Cope with the Loss of a Friend
How to Cope with Toxic Friendships
How to Handle a Bad Breakup
How to Have Happier Holidays!
How to Heal a Rift With an Adult Child
How to Help a Loved One Who is Depressed
How to Keep Yourself Out of a Violent Relationship
How to Love an Anxious Person
How to Stay Young
How to Stretch Time
How to Write a Love Letter
Humor & Hope
Independence and Self-Reliance: Keys to Happiness
The Importance of Humor
Into Every Life
Intuition or Inner Knowing
Is Dating Scary? Here’s what to do
It’s a Dirty Job
Jealousy, Faithfulness and Distance
Keys to a Happy Relationship
Kindness and Happiness
Learn to See Through The Eyes of Love
Learning Forgiveness
Less Talk, More Action
Letting Go of Anxiety
Letting Go Takes Love
Life Lessons
Lighten Up - Cures for Marital Boredom
Living Outside The Box
Looking Backward, Looking Forward
Loss—If You Knew Curley Sue
Love and Chemistry
The Magic of Reassurance
Make New Friends, Keep Good Friends
The Meaning of Life
Mirrors and Teachers
Mongong and Me
Motivation And How to Create It (Good Boss/Bad Boss)
The Nail in the Fence: Healing Wounds
No Cooperation? Solve it Yourself!
No Two Miracles Alike
The One Who Got Away
Patterns of Change
Peace Begins at Home
The Power of Politeness
The Power of Purpose
Practicing Patience
Problem Solving For Couples
Public Politeness
Relating With Love
Resolving Inner Anarchy
Relationship Myths
Relationships 101: Do Opposites Attract?
The Right Way to Love
Romance is Not Necessarily Love
Season of Blessing
Self Control: Who’s in Charge Here?
Setting Boundaries and Saying No
The Shape of Peace
State of the Union Meeting
Stop Reacting and Start Relating
Stupid Cupid
Surviving Loss & Thriving Again
Taming Your Inner Brat

Tapping Your “Inner Mentor” to Create New Meaning in Your Life

Technology and Love
Ten Things People Don’t Know About Therapy
The Tennis Match: How to Balance the Power in Your Relationship
The Top Eleven Good Reasons to Get Married
These Decisions Can Increase Your Happiness
Three Little Words
To Help a Friend Who is Depressed
To Help An Addicted Friend
To Keep the Romance Alive
Toxic Friendship and How to Handle it
True Beauty: Honor the God or Goddess in You
Turnaround Time
Turn on Your Charm
Turning Poison Into Medicine
Watch Out for Bad Relationship Habits
Weaving The Web
What Is A Dysfunctional Relationship?
When Letting Go is Necessary
When Love is Kind: Mutuality in Relationships
Where is Love?
Why Couples Fall Out Of Love
Why Do People Lie?
Winning The War Within
Without Ego
The Worrier's Guidelines
Year of Peace
You Are a Gift
You Be The Judge
Your Bestest Friend - You
Your Heart’s Desire
Your Inner Detective
Your Job on Earth
Your Partner’s Annoying Quirks
Your Primary Relationship

Phone: (562)438-8077   |    for permission to reprint, email: tina@tinatessina.com
All material copyright © 2016 Tina Tessina. All rights reserved.