Happy Holidays: whatever you celebrate, I hope it’s a warm and wonderful time. This is such a good time of year to consider the blessings life has given us.

Consider the timing itself, at the end of the year, when the sun reaches its furthest point away from Earth, and we get the least amount of its life-giving heat; and then, miraculously blesses us by turning back and coming closer; creating the solstice, which leads to spring and new life everywhere.

This is the time when we draw close to home, and to loved ones; perhaps coming back from long distances to spend these significant days with the ones who bless our lives with laughter and sharing.

We share the bounty of whatever we have, and are blessed by both giving and receiving, which opens our hearts and minds and prompts us to think of others.

This time of year, we think of others, donating to charities, helping serve in food kitchens, bringing Toys for Tots to a collection box, throwing a few quarters into a Salvation Army collection pot. Each donation brings a blessing, reminding us to be thankful and share what we have.

My new book, Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Squabbling About the Three Things That Can Destroy Your Marriage (Adams Media) ISBN# 978-1-59869-325-6 coming out in January, gives the blessing of the fruits of hard work.

Richard and I are blessed with our little family of pets, Foxy, Pugsley and Daisy, and the help and support of so many friends and loved ones. We’re particularly blessed to have Ronda, our secretary, who is cheerful, highly competent, reliable and trustworthy. Take a moment to think of the blessings in your own life, and to look forward to more in the new year. Here’s

Our New Year’s Wish For You
We wish for you
A table of friends
Where the food is abundant
and the fun never ends

A holiday bright
With peace and good cheer
That continues to bless you
Throughout the new year.

May laughter and love
Find you day after day
And may many blessings
Come swiftly your way

We wish you a new year
To make your heart sing
Where the Spirit of Love
Brings you every good thing.

© 2007 by Tina B. Tessina
Author Bio:
Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist in S. California, with over 30 years experience in counseling individuals and couples and author of 11 books, including It Ends With You: Grow Up and Out of Dysfunction (New Page); How to Be a Couple and Still Be Free (New Page); The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again (Wiley) and The Real 13th Step: Discovering Self-Confidence, Self-Reliance and Independence Beyond the Twelve Step Programs (New Page.) Two new books will be out from Adams Press in 2007:Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting About the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage and Commuter Marriage. She publishes Happiness Tips from Tina, an e-mail newsletter, and the “Dr. Romance Blog” and has hosted "The Psyche Deli: delectable tidbits for the subconscious" a weekly hour long radio show. She is an online expert, answering relationship questions at and Yahoo!Personals, as well as a Redbook Love Network expert and “Psychology Smarts” columnist for First for Women.Dr. Tessina guests frequently on radio, and on such TV shows as “Oprah”, “Larry King Live” and ABC news.
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