What They're Saying About The Real Thirteenth Step”

“Just found your article and book. Devoured article, ordered book. Thanks for helping me understand my 12-step program in a new way and set a course for a continued and different recovery into independence. This should be the second half of the Big Book!—Jean

The Real Thirteenth Step contains a wealth of astonishingly practical information. Very few therapists can provide better tools for personal growth”—San Francisco Bay Guardian

“A well written, important book that provides an invaluable corrective to the dependency orientation of the recovery movement. It lucidly points the way to the next step: the cultivation of independence and personal autonomy. Imperative reading for every graduate of the twelve-steps.”—Nathaniel Brandon, PhD, Psychologist and author of Honoring the Self

“The premise of this intelligently written title is bound to cause some controversy. Recommended for popular psychology, self-help and recovery collections”—The Library Journal.

“Offers strategies that can help people struggling with addictions develop the skills and abilities they need to make clear, effective choices about their own lives with or without the continuing support of a formal recovery group.”—Yoga Journal

“A therapist's prescription for avoiding addiction to a recovery group.”—New Age Journal

“Hope of freedom, self-confidence and completion to people in self-help or 12-step recovery programs who have been told they will never be fully recovered.”—American Bookseller

“A manual for those in self-help programs“—Publisher's Weekly

“I was enticed with your book, pulled it off the shelf, and knew it was a find. I have been in therapy and working so hard to overcome trauma from my past and even after years of constant work, I could not restructure the pain or prevent it from contaminating my present until I worked through your exercises. The exercises are the best tools or how-tos for working through painful experiences that I have ever seen. They really helped me to disfuse the trauma that I simply could not get past, they allowed me to actually restructure those painful events by visualizing and experiencing new endings to them. I will continue to practice going to my retreat, time travel, and conversations with my inner child. Your magical tools are helping me regain my life. They are exactly what was needed for me to reclaim my life and regain a sense of safety, power, and autonomy. I now have a sense of deep calm and I no longer have nightmares, flashbacks, or panic attacks. I will continue to work on my recovery and growth and I look forward to reading your other books. You should be on Oprah!”—a
reader's email message, December 6, 2001.

What They're Saying About “The Ten Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make After Forty”

“At last, a book for 40+ women that does not focus on growing old gracefully, but on finishing the process of growing up, finally becoming a fully actualized adult. The suggestions Tina Tessina offers for creating a more fulfilling life apply to all of us of any age or either sex, but
particularly speak to the modern, mature woman.”—Isadora Alman, syndicated “Ask Isadora,” columnist and author

“A fresh approach to midlife recharging. Both practical and inspirational, this book shows how to add both more security and more pizzaz to any woman's all-grown-up years.”—Susan K. Perry, Ph.D., social psychologist and author of the bestselling Writing in Flow.

“Once again Tessina has hit the nail on the head…or should we say described our lives to a T. Although I can't wait until she writes one of these helpful guides for us over 65, this edition is very encouraging no matter what age we happen to be, especially if it is time for some serious reflection about where we are going and on what stage we want to be playing. Every woman will find some really terrific suggestion that will make a positive difference in their lives.”—Rev. Mary Ellen Kilsby, retired, UCC Church.

“Tina Tessina once again gives women practical directions to a more satisfying life. For all women who want to live happily beyond the age of 40!”—Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author of All Men Are Jerks Until Proven Otherwise.

“At 40, when society gives us women the message we're all washed up, a wonderful new phase of life can begin. This is what Tina Tessina explores in The Ten Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make AFTER Forty, a work that shows the multifaceted ways in which women continue to grow and change and seek out new opportunities, despite what came before and despite society's discouraging message. Women need all the help they can get in believing in themselves and pursuing their dreams, and The Ten Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make AFTER Forty offers this very help.”—Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, producer/host, “Writers on Writing,” KUCI 88.9 FM and www.kuci.org

“While I loved Tina Tessina's book, The 10 Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make Before Turning 40, I was personally disappointed because I was already 40! I am now very excited that she has written a book for me and other women over 40. I especially appreciate her advice on how to juggle kids, work, and a marriage because it's a tough balancing act and we can
all use Tessina's wit, warmth, and wisdom.”—Alison Bell, contributing writer, Parenting and Woman's “World“

It sounds like a winner.”—Pauline Bartel, Author: Spellcasters:Witches and Witchcraft in History, Folklore, and Popular Culture (Taylor Publishing, 2000)

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