What Readers are saying about The 10 Smartest Decisions a Woman Can make After 40

Practical and Empowering,
By Judy (Bennington, VT United States)
I just turned 40, so with this title I had to read this! I liked that the book focuses on what you can do rather than where you may have gone wrong. The author rightfully stresses that the decisions we make directly affect the quality of our lives, and encourages us to reevaluate our choices according to what we now know. Her advice is both useful and empowering. This is a great gift for anyone facing 40!

Fantastic book!, June 22, 2001
By A Customer

This is a must-read book, especially if you're over 40 or dreading turning 40. Dr. Tessina helped me see that reaching this milestone age is actually an opportunity for a new beginning by viewing life from a new prospective. "The Ten Smartest Decisions A Woman Can Make After Forty" is a most interesting guide and handbook for getting the most out of the second part of one's life because Tessina turns her attention to the special challenges and opportunities available to women over 40. She believes that by grabbing the reins and taking back control of you'll remove the fear that comes with passing forty and then on a new vista of freedom and opportunity for yourself. After reading this book over and over again, I can confirm that all women, whether you're just approaching 40, recently turned forty, or have been 39 for years, will find this practical and informative book filled with mapping options and outlining strategies for taking control of one's life. I can't wait to read her other books because this one is so terrific.

Great wisdom for women, June 9, 2001
By A Customer

The big 4-0 can either level us or lift us up. Tina Tessina's book shows us how to embrace our life experiences, use our accumulated wisdom, and create more with the lives that we have. At forty, we're beyond the ego-centric focus of youth (or at least we should be) but we know enough to care for ourselves and make ourselves a priority. I found myself showing passages from this book to my aunts, my 40+ friends, my mother, and anyone else who would listen to me. This book helps us get our priorities in line so that we can walk up through our 40s with strength, not with shame or fear. Now, any friend of mine who's turning 40 is getting a copy of this book.

Puts Your Life and Your Dreams in Good Order, June 15, 2001
By A Reader

Tessina tells you exactly how to pull the pieces of your life together the way YOU want them to be. Whether you're a touch over 40 or in your 60s, her helpful guidelines explain how to make the hard decisions women face--be they about your health, your friends, finances, your values or your responsibilities. The advice on how to research and think through life changes is most valuable for executing personal decisions and achieving your dreams. She's given me the tools and confidence to go after my dreams. The book energizes you and will alter how you think about yourself and the direction of your life-all for the better.

Smartest Decision to Write This Book, February 21, 2008
By Retiree (USA)

I read this valuable book and healing tool as part of my annual supplementary reading of a wide selection of creativity-enhancement materials on how to make better decisions--good decisions that don't blindside careers early on or in the golden years. What goes into making a good choice or better decision? It's a fresh approach to recharging plans and purpose using practical applications that solve real problems and get measurable results.

What I loved best about reading this book is the section on discovering your dreams, that there's still time to be all that you are able to be, that it is "never too late to be who you might have been." This truth can be explored as readers discover old dreams and new ones. The book defined reality for me as a connoisseur of dream interpretation books.

To allow dreams to be be aspirations for me as a reader, led to a plan. And once I had a plan, then I could take steps to make the plan happen, to create something unique. Reading this wonderful book has been a life-enhancing, creativity-enhancing choice. The material in the book is practical, satisfying, and a great healing tool in learning to believe in yourself. It helped me most in prioritizing instead of juggling.